First time seeing heaven
felt quiet.
Unknowingly forgetful of those that matter,
judging from a far,
maybe someday ill change..
"Don't you trust me?"
..still "low-key" bratty, but
I have my reasons
Same side/different bed
smells like abuse.
Searching for a new way back,
something to hold onto.
Another rrroutine
haunted by the sound of my own voice
"you love dick"
"you love being alone"
Look in the mirror,
seeking pleasure in others misfortune?
Get away!
Naked and afraid but fully prepared.
Misspoke once or twice, maybe even three times,
a secret you desecrated,
milestones with no sense of accomplishment
Wine to whiskey––– song played on repeat
true love/pure affection
me and these deceiving eyes of mine..
Long trek down, seemed so perfect...